A Complete PLASTIC & LEATHER Repair Solution.

  • Aircraft Plastics team members are passionate about the service we provide -INTERIOR PLASTIC AND LEATHER REPAIRS.
  • We operate globaly and pride ourselves on providing our customers with the friendliest, fastest and highest quality plastic and leather repairs in the industry.
  • With our 'Exclusive' quick dry repair system, we aim to assist our clients in achieving maximum cost efficiency in the overhaul and maintenance of interior plastic and leather components.
  • About Us

    In todays ever increasingly competitive aviation business, it pays to have an edge. Thats why the worlds leading airlines choose Aircraft Plastics Repair services.
    Why throw away damaged plastic and leather components when they can be repaired and given a new life....'cost effectively'.
    With fast cure times, virtually invisible results and permanent hard wearing coatings, there will be no need for your company to replace otherwise perfectly good components.
    We provide a complete solution for your company, providing everything from meet and greet / find and fix, end of lease, cabin refresh to component repairs performed at our facility.
    Airline passengers judge the aircraft by its interior - if its in great condition, then there will be an increased level of comfort in their belief that the entire aircraft is also maintained in pristine condition .
    With the components of todays cabin interiors being predominantly plastic and leather, the 'smart solution' is to utilize the expert services offered by Aircraft Plastics. Our Technicians are passionate about what they do and from that passion comes perfection. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest and highest quality Plastic and Leather repairs in the industry.